Sunday, February 9, 2020



Snow covered field overlooking a sunset threw a tree line.

Time Off

I started off 2 years ago working 2 jobs, a full time and a part time at Texas Roadhouse. Managing to squeeze going to school full time. I studied maintenance for commercial and residential facilities. I didn't mind school at all though, It  was interesting and a good time. Great professors with many years in there field.

I also managed my shift and team working as a supervisor at Taco bell. This is where I met my wife 6 years ago today. Anyways back to winter and time off. With 2 jobs going to school and a wife now, I was a busy fellow!

After finishing school and starting Weston Finishing I was still busy but things where starting to even out for me. Financial wise it was kind of a slow start. Picked up 10 fold the following year and maintained steady. But every winter time is a little slower than the last. This year it has almost came to a complete stop!

I'm still marketing just as much if not more than before, Still taking advantage of the social platforms which is where I started Great way to get your name out their. I guess what it seems like is I'm at that point in my business where I'm just going backwards instead of forward.

If anyone has any pointers or tips for me, let me know. I could use the feedback. Thanks everyone who made last year possible and hopefully many more to come.

Thank you for reading,
Sincerely Weston Finishing
David Weston

Snow covered forest pathway looking at an empty bench.