About Us

About Weston Finishing.

Hi, my name is David Weston. I went to Gateway Technical College and studied to be a facility maintenance technician. After I got out of school there wasn't many jobs in that field hiring. So I tuned to the web. Instead of looking for a job I researched on making one. I knew what I wanted to do and what kind of work I enjoy doing. But what to call myself to get myself out their?

I enjoy woodworking and always have. Since I was a kid some of my best memories would be my grandpa and me going in the basement and messing around in the shop. At the time it was just playing but what I didn't know was I was learning the basics of woodworking and refinishing woodwork, I somewhat refinished my first porch at 10 years old. Now at 10 you can only expect so much, but for a kid I already had the patience of a woodworker. I must of spent the majority of a day just on the railing, making sure every spot of paint was removed before going on. To this day for a hobby and now for work I enjoy bringing projects back to life, So back to the question, "what should I call myself?" I only had one thought Weston Finishing. There was no second guessing it.

Gateway Tech., Kenosha, WI 
3.92 GPA Facility Maintenance Technician-  
  • Fundamentals of Electricity/Electronics 
  • Mathematics 1/Applied 
  • Workplace Fundamentals 
  • Welding basic 
  • Forklift Operation & Maintenance 
  • Environmental Systems 
  • Interior Finishing 
  • Basic Computers 
  • Computer for Professionals

Below you can find some of my own projects that I have done over the years. I will
keep updating them as most of them I don't have anymore. I have kept vary few of things I've made. It's always made since to give them away. So here's what I have so far. 

My first handmade knife.