Sunday, October 27, 2019

Bathroom Repairs

Water Damage

Finding the Problem 

I got a call from a customer that said she's had a leak for some time now. She called a plumber to fix it. He replace some drain pipes but when i arrived 2 weeks after she had water trickling down the inside of her wall. Dark humid places are prime areas for mold to grow. What I discovered was black mold (Stachybotrys) from the ceiling to the floor.
So to start out I looked for where the leak was coming from. This was not vary hard due to the ceiling was still open. Luckily they didn't have the drywall repaired yet. The leak that was remaining was coming from the boot the plumber attached the PVC to the main cast iron pipe. The repair was easy to fix, the hose clamp just needed to be tighten. Sometimes tradesmen and us alike can make simple mistakes. I don't really like to make a big deal out of other people making mistakes. The fact is the plumber could of been held responsible for the damage that was done. On the other side if the mistake was fix sooner, the damage would have been minimal. Here are a few pictures of the area after the drywall was removed.
Drywall repair after fixing the plumbing leak.
A section of the ceiling was open from the last
repair. Thankfully the light above was not affected.
Drywall repair after fixing the plumbing leak.
Because of the thick paint it was impossible to see the black
mold (Stachybotrys) underneath. More drywall was removed
after this picture.

The water damage was so bad that a section of the closet in the bedroom next to the bathroom needed to be removed. The pitch of the ceiling ran away from the shower otherwise there would have been a lot more repairs needed. There is possible damage to the bathroom upstairs. Wall tile is starting to lift. My prediction is this is a separate incident due to a bad re-grout job. But that's a different story. 


The project is coming to a end.  Holes are patched and sealed. The walls are primed and painted. All thats left to do is put the hardware back on the walls and than start the blinds. Next up is installing 14 motorized blinds. Here are s few pictures.
Drywall repair, plumbing leak repaired, wall and ceiling painted.
Plumbing leak repair

Drywall repair, plumbing leak repaired, wall and ceiling painted.
Drywall repaired from
 ceiling to the floor.

Drywall repair, plumbing leak repaired, wall and ceiling painted.
Ceiling and wall painted.

Materials Used On Job

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