Wednesday, July 10, 2019

New Addition To Weston Finishing

New Addition To Weston Finishing!

Weston Finishing New Addition.
Introducing Weston Finishing new 22 HP Twin V OHV zero turn beasts! 

I would like to give out a really big thanks to Alice and Bill, for giving me there riding lawnmower! I have always wanted one especially a zero turn lawnmower. 

Alice and Bill are 2 long time customer of mine that have been really good to me. They have gave me multiple jobs which I am grateful for. Even when something goes wrong, they let me fix the problem. When I offer to fix the problem for free, they paid me anyways. Not every time but when it counts.  For example a misjudgment on the weather and the stain didn't take. All in all, They are good to me. I have learned a lot about customer service by them. So thank you from David Weston from Weston Finishing!

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