Thursday, June 27, 2019

Refinishing A Oak Table

Refinishing an Oak Table

Modification Added

Preparation for the cup holder.
Glaze Coating being prepared.
Cup holder partly stsined
Cup holder being stained.

Cup holder attached, ready to ne sealed.
Cup holder attached, ready to be sealed.
Pic of table dropped of at the customers house.

The table is all put together at the customers house. Covered the table with a sheet to keep the sun off the finish. Luckily they got back before it rained.
Different angle
Closer view of the table. The cup holder was actually put their because of a mistake. Okay cover up I think.

Cup holder sealed and ready to use in r days
Up close view of the cup holder. Trim was made at home with a router. Took 3 router bit to make.

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